What is Software Nearshoring?

The shortage of skilled workers is also clearly felt in Switzerland. The need for well-trained IT specialists is constantly increasing with digitization, but at the same time there is no higher number of graduates. The solution to this? Nearshoring! Professionals from abroad support your software development team with their excellent skills without being on-site. We explain what nearshoring is, how you can implement it in your company and how you can benefit from it.

What is nearshoring exactly?

Many people have never heard this term. The counterpart to it, so-called offshoring, on the other hand, is familiar to most. In offshoring, projects or parts of them are outsourced to distant countries with trained IT specialists, such as India or Bangladesh. As the name suggests, nearshoring involves outsourcing to countries around the company’s headquarters. This offers some advantages over offshoring, which we will explain in more detail in a later section. The teamscout development team is based in Skopje, the capital of northern Macedonia.

What problems does nearshoring solve?

The developments of the past years make it increasingly difficult to assemble an excellent team in the field of software development in Switzerland. In this section, we show you which negative developments you can counteract with nearshoring.

1)     Shortage of skilled workers

The constantly advancing digitization goes hand in hand with the growing need for software development specialists. At the same time, the number of graduates in this field has been stagnating for some time, especially in the industrialized nations. The situation is quite different in northern Macedonia, for example. In Skopje alone, there are 4000 graduates in the field of software development every year, who are subsequently looking for a job to contribute their know-how.

2)     High cost for good software developers

Especially in Switzerland, the personnel costs for a software developer have risen extremely in recent years. If you want a good developer, you have to dig deep into your pockets. In Northern Macedonia, the cost of living is much lower. You can hire a good software developer here already for about 2800 CHF / month and thus save considerably on personnel costs.

3)     No connection to the remote team

If you are offshoring to a remote location in the world, it may be difficult to build a bond with your own remote team, which has a negative impact on work performance. At teamscout, we have a fully-furnished office in Skopje and take care of employees right on the spot. Through continuous support, events and other goodies, we achieve higher employee satisfaction. We have our finger on the pulse and promote excellence in your remote team.


Step by Step – The Nearshoring Process at teamscout

In this section we will explain how it works if you find that you need a remote team in software development and want to use our support.

1. .In the first step, we work out a mission together with you, during an exchange-rich workshop, which describes your exact needs. This includes your budget, your requirements, wishes, as well as many other factors that have a lasting impact on the composition of the team.

2.  In the next step we will take care of creating a job advertisement in Skopje.
In order to get the largest possible pool of applicants. The more software developers apply, the greater the chance of getting an excellent candidate.

3. We take care of filtering the applications. We go through resumes and letters of motivation and weed out unsuitable candidates. Only who we think are perfectly suited to your project are shortlisted.

4. Now it’s your turn. After our pre-screening, it is up to you to conduct the It’s up to you to conduct the interviews and select the candidates who best fit your company. You can conduct the interviews both by phone and by video call. If it is particularly important to you to meet the applicants in person and live live, we will also be happy to organize an appointment for an on-site interview in on-site interview in Skopje.

5. When you have found a suitable candidate, you can make him or her a contract offer to him or her. Whenever an applicant drops out of the process, we will send you a contact from the pre-sorted pool of applicants until you have completely team is fully assembled and you can start the project.

How you benefit from working with teamscout?

Of course, the cooperation with us does not end after you have put together your developer team. In this section, we would like to briefly and succinctly summarize once again the benefits you will gain from working with teamscout.

1.    Support on site

We not only assemble your team, but also coordinate and support your company’s on-site software developers. We distribute tasks, coordinate projects and ensure that your remote team works as efficiently as your on-site employees.

2.    Competent staff at low cost

From our own experience, we know that our team in North Macedonia is excellently trained and does an excellent job. Especially compared to Switzerland, you save on personnel costs here and still get a competent team of experts for qualified software solutions.

3.    Fast and flexible access to your developer team

Although the team works remotely and is not located in your country, you can contact their developers quickly and flexibly at any time. Thanks to our on-site service, results can be validated in real time and short-term flexibility in prioritizing tasks can also be easily implemented.

4.    A customized team for your needs

As you surely know, not every software project is the same and not every software developer brings all the skills and experience you need for your project. Through our application process, we put together a customized team that is perfect for your project’s needs. This way you can keep your strengths and core competencies on site and let the remote team in Skopje handle any weaknesses or sub-projects.

Why you should choose teamscout

Finally, we would like to give you five reasons why you should work with teamscout and take your software development to the next level.

1.    Getting to know each other before cooperation

We don’t just present you with a contract and off we go tomorrow. We would first like to get to know you and your company in an intensive discussion. If our offer is basically interesting for you, we would also like to invite you to come with us to Skopje and get to know the culture there and its values. If you feel comfortable now and want to work with us, we will create an individual and detailed plan for your nearshoring project and start the recruitment process.

2.    Excellent contacts to Skopje

We know our way around locally and know exactly what criteria to look for when selecting employees. The software developers in Skopje are not only excellently trained, but usually also have excellent English skills and are quickly accessible due to the lack of time difference and short flight routes. Due to the lower demand in Northern Macedonia, we have a wide selection of professionals for your remote team

3.    Service for your remote employees

Managing, coordinating and organizing a remote team requires some time and effort. So that you can focus on your core competencies and projects on site, we make sure that your remote team in Skopje does a fantastic job, tasks are well distributed and good software solutions are developed efficiently. You can use the resulting free resources to improve the work at your main location.

4.    Transparency

The costs for our service are completely transparent. There are no hidden deductions in the salary, our fee is on top and easy for you to see at any time.

Does that sound interesting? Then don’t wait! Contact teamscout today and arrange an introductory meeting with us.