We build your
Remote Team.

teamscout helps you to build a winning remote software development team within a very short time. How to do it? Get in touch!

We know how you feel!

As teamscout, we are convinced that the best results come from perfectly harmonized combinations. Leading technology concepts with highly talented employees form the core of projects. But what to do when specialists are lacking? The availability of specialists in the software field is severely limited in Switzerland, Liechtenstein & surrounding countries despite high demand and the gap is widening. We counter this problem with a sustainable solution – our teamscout Nearshoring!

Skilled workers shortage Switzerland

Over 4000 Software Development graduates in Skopje per year

High labor costs software developers

Average wage
Software Developer Skopje
CHF 2500 / month

No remote employees proximity

We are on site, fully equipped office,
Team Events

How does our
nearshoring work?

As a company that is itself heavily involved in software development, we deal with the implementation of software solutions. Our services are designed to add value to your business so that you can achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.

What do you
get out of it?

With teamscout nearshoring, the capabilities of your software development improve. As your partner, we take care of the recruitment of personnel, coordination of tasks and on-site support in Northern Macedonia. From our own experience we know what a highly qualified team we have in Skopje – we now want to build this up for you as well.

Tailor-made team for
individual needs

Fast & flexible access to software developers

Outsource sub-projects, retain core competencies

Competent technical staff for qualified software solutions

Real-time – uncomplicated communication despite outsourcing

Towards maximum efficiency with low personnel costs

How exactly
works this?

Get to know

In an initial discussion, we want to take an in-depth look at your needs and wishes, your company, the culture and the activities.

on the spot

We would be happy to organize a visit for you in the heart of North Macedonia, Skopje, to get to know culture and values as well as structures, processes and the team.


Based on our discussions, we crystallize a nearshoring plan designed from A to Z specifically for you and your needs.


Whether junior, intermediate or senior – with our strongly developed network we will find the right professionals for you, who will generate the added value for your project.

Job interviews
& Evaluation

Whether on-site in Skopje or via video call – we organize & support you through and through in the recruitment process for your new employees.

Partner & Employees

We support & promote your employees in our premises in Skopje even after your employment – because, we are satisfied when you are satisfied!

Why Skopje?

Nearshoring is offered in many countries. So why choose Macedonia?
Well, here are the reasons:


Wide availability of talented and motivated
IT professionals

Language skills

Knowledge of English


High level of training and skills.


Short flight from
everywhere in Europe,
No time difference

Interested in the intensive and good bilateral
Relationship between Macedonia and Switzerland?

And why teamscout?

Quickly accessible team :
daily short flights possible,
No time difference

Less effort:
We take care of your remote employees

Our fairy is on top. No hidden costs in the salary.

What are you waiting for?